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A batch of large diameter wafer butterfly valves sale to UK

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VALTECCN exported a batch of 48IN large diameter wafer butterfly valves and were successfully accepted for UK customers in February.

We got client’s quite urgent inquiry on 28th October,
The customer was very trust for our 20 years experience in the production of butterfly valves.
and quickly confirm this order after checking drawing is ok.
These valves are tested many pressure test before delivery, ensure the products are in good condition.

If you have any valve inquiry, Please do not hesitate to contact our sales engneers to jointly build the best solution to enhance performance and reduce costs Program.

A batch of large diameter wafer butterfly valves sale to UK

The current shipment material we supplying as below:

ProductCentric Wafer Single flange Butterfly Valve
Body materialWCB
Disc materialAISI316
Size and QTY48IN 10SETS

VALTECCN Butterfly Valve Manufacturer Accepts Inquiries for Max Flanged Butterfly Valve DN2000, Wafer Butterfly Valve DN1500.

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