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3000PCS Stainless steel Butterfly Valve sales to Europe

38 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN valve just sent 3000pcs stainless steel butterfly valves to Europe, the details as follows:

ConnectionWafer type
DiscSS316, pinless
Top flangeISO 5211
Stainless steel wafer Butterfly Valve
Stainless steel wafer Butterfly Valve

Stainless steel butterfly valve can be used to transport mud, and the liquid accumulated at the pipe mouth is the least.It can achieve good sealing under low pressure.

ss butterfly valve

2022 is the fifth year of our cooperation with this customer. Customers say that our stainless steel butterfly valve is very popular in their market. Because VALTECCN have our own factory and foundry, it saves them a lot of costs. Our quality for each order is good enough, This helps them reduce a lot of after-sales troubles, buy butterfly valve and inquiry, choose VALTECCN.

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