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24” PN16 Brass Seat Gate Valve Export to UK

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Because of the damage of the old valve, the UK customer urgently looked for a replacement one for sewage treatment.

After being recommended and introduced by an old customer of VALTECCN, this British customer contacted us. After communication, the problem of flange surface and valve installation height was solved. Our gate valve meets the customer’s requirements and has passed the quality inspection and certification requirements.
British customers are very satisfied with our professional service and delivery time after receiving the goods, and express their willingness to cooperate with us for a long time in the future.

24'' PN16 Brass Seat Gate Valve

The current shipment material we supplying as below:

ConnectionFlange Ends
OperateSpur gear Op
Epoxy coatedmin 250um
Top coatRAL5005

If you have any valve inquiry, Please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers to jointly build the best solution to enhance performance and reduce costs Program.

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