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What is a ball check valve?

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Ball check valve (non return ball valve) is a special shape check valve with simple structure, mainly composed of a spherical device and a valve body. The spherical device is composed of a ball cover and a rubber ball. The rubber ball is processed into a spherical shape by steel plate. The outer rubber layer maintains a certain degree of elasticity and sufficient strength.

Ball check valve picture
Ball check valve

Ball check valve working principle

Ball check valve working video

The working principle of the ball check valve is mainly to use the rubber ball to roll in the ball cover for a short stroke to realize the opening and closing of the valve. When the water pump is started, the water rushes away the rubber ball under the action of pressure, so that the rubber ball rolls to the right. The position is fixed by the cone in the rear valve body, and the check valve is opened; after the pump stops, due to the backwater pressure in the pipeline system, the rubber ball is forced to roll to the left front valve body to close the check valve.

Advantages of Ball Check Valves

  1. The rubber ball of the spherical check valve is a hollow steel ball, and the rubber with good elasticity is attached to the outside to ensure the seal and reduce the damage to the pipeline system during the valve closing process.
  2. Because it is a spherical valve, the water flow passes through the valve body almost straight, the resistance coefficient is small, energy saving, and the water flow resistance coefficient is stable and small, which can reduce the hydraulic loss caused by the vibration of the rubber ball in the valve.
  3. Another advantage of the spherical check valve is that it has a good shock absorption effect and does not require high water quality.
  4. The ball check valve has no rotating parts of the shaft and the sleeve, and there is no wear of the shaft and the sleeve. The rubber ball is in a state of free suspension and free rotation, and the wear is also uniform. In addition, the diameter of the rubber ball is the diameter of the ball seat. 1.3 times of that, even if the rubber ball wears a layer, it still has good sealing performance and wear resistance.
  5. Good noise reduction and vibration reduction effects, good slow closing and water hammer reduction effects.
  6. Easy to install, the specific gravity of the ball is close to that of water, and it is in a free suspension state, so it can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Disadvantages of Ball Check Valves

The disadvantage of the ball check valve is that the volume of the ball valve is relatively large, and it occupies a relatively large area when used. Especially when the check valve of the old pump station is rebuilt, it may not be used due to size restrictions.

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