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WRAS Approved Butterfly Valves Supplier, Manufacturer

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What is WRAS Approval?

Whether you’re a tradesperson or a facilities manager, you’ve probably come across products bearing the WRAS seal of approval – but what exactly does WRAS Approval mean, and why is it so important?

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme(WRAS), tested to British Standard BS6920. Its test scope includes: plumbing pipes, faucets, valve parts, rubber products, plastics and other materials that come into contact with drinking water and materials that may be used to manufacture related equipment. All products tested by the centre must comply with the UK BS6920 or BS5750PART standards to ensure that the taste and colour of drinking water will not change, will not lead to the growth of microorganisms, no toxic metals will be refracted, and will not contain or Reflects other substances that are harmful to health. Material testing must be certified, otherwise mechanical testing in the overall product cannot be performed.
If non-metallic materials meet the requirements of BS6920: 2000 (the effect of non-metallic products on water quality to see their suitability for contact with water for human use), they can be certified by WRAS.

VALTECCN WRAS Approved Butterfly Valve

VALTECCN WRAS Approved Butterfly Valve

Tianjin VALTECCN Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional China wras certificate butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best wras certificate butterfly valve with low price, consult us now!

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