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Where butterfly valve is used

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Want to know where the butterfly valve is used, first understand the working principle of the butterfly valve.

Working principle of butterfly valve

Operation is similar to that of a ball valve, which allows for quick shut off. Butterfly valves are generally favored because they cost less than other valve designs, and are lighter weight so they need less support. The disc is positioned in the center of the pipe. A rod passes through the disc to an actuator on the outside of the valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, so it induces a pressure drop, even when open.

A butterfly valve is from a family of valves called quarter-turn valves. In operation, the valve is fully open or closed when the disc is rotated a quarter turn. The “butterfly” is a metal disc mounted on a rod. When the valve is closed, the disc is turned so that it completely blocks off the passageway. When the valve is fully open, the disc is rotated a quarter turn so that it allows an almost unrestricted passage of the fluid. The valve may also be opened incrementally to throttle flow.

Working principle of butterfly valve

What are the Major Uses of Butterfly Valves

For on/off service or start/stop flow control – You can use any size of valve for this application. Also, this operation requires a low-pressure drop during the opening position.

As regulating control valves – this application requires more attention on which type of valve and size to use. You should also be able to identify the medium, type of fluid, mode of operation and installation and the pressure drop. Some of these information for calculation can be determined by the valve designer or engineer.

Where butterfly valve is used

Lightweight butterfly valves are mostly found in water lines and potable water control services. Other light-duty valves such as PVC butterfly valves can be used for aquariums and sprinkler systems. Some general butterfly valves are also meant for fuel flow control.

For large, heavy-duty and high-pressure applications, such as in oil and gas industries, high-quality and high-performance butterfly valves are used. These high-grade valves are certified and quality tested to meet quality demands and international standards.

Where butterfly valve is used

Below, you can see some of the industries that utilize butterfly valves for industrial processes:

  • HVAC
  • Vacuum services
  • Aerospace sectors
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems
  • Irrigation and agricultural needs
  • Corrosive processing
  • Lubrication
  • District heating, mining and shipyards
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Slurry application
  • High-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services
  • Compressed air applications
  • Sanitary valve applications
  • Sprinkler and fire protection systems
  • Gas application

The above is an introduction to the main purpose of the butterfly valve, where to find the butterfly valve. VALTECCN butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer mainly produces high quality butterfly valves. If you have purchasing needs for butterfly valves, please contact VALTECCN for more information.

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