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Where are flanged butterfly valves suitable for?

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When the flange butterfly valve is fully opened, it has a small flow resistance, and when it is opened between about 15° and 70°, it can control the flow sensitively. And will gradually become the dominant valve type.

Because the movement of the butterfly valve plate is wiping, most butterfly valves can be used for media with suspended solid particles, and can also be used for powdery and granular media depending on the strength of the seal. Applicable occasions butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Since the pressure loss of the flanged butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, which is about three times that of the gate valve, when selecting a butterfly valve, the influence of the pipeline system by the pressure loss should be fully considered, and the pressure of the pipeline medium should also be considered when the butterfly plate is closed. sturdiness. In addition, the operating temperature limitations of the elastomeric seat material at elevated temperatures must also be considered.

flanged butterfly valves
flanged butterfly valves

The structure length and overall height of the butterfly valve are small, the opening and closing speed is fast, and it has good fluid control characteristics.

When the butterfly valve is required to be used for flow control, the most important thing is to correctly select the size and type of the flanged butterfly valve so that it can work properly and effectively. Generally, in throttling, regulating control and mud medium, short structure length and fast opening and closing speed (1/4 revolution) are required. Low pressure cut-off (small differential pressure), butterfly valve is recommended.

In the case of two-position adjustment, constricted ground passage, low noise, cavitation and gasification, a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere, and abrasive media, flanged butterfly valves can be selected. When the butterfly valve is used for throttling adjustment under special working conditions, or requiring strict sealing, serious wear, low temperature (cryogenic) and other working conditions, it is necessary to use a specially designed metal sealing belt adjustment device for triple eccentric or double eccentric. Butterfly valve.

Flanged butterfly valve is suitable for fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil and Various acid-base and other pipelines.

Before you choose a flanged butterfly valve, it is recommended that you fully understand and compare the flanged butterfly valve, VALTECCN professional flanged butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, 24-hour butterfly valve product quotation service.

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