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When to use high performance butterfly valves?

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High-performance butterfly valves are indispensable components in industrial process control. They play an important role in various application scenarios due to their resistance to high temperatures, high pressures and large flows. VALTECCN will delve into the timing and advantages of using high-performance butterfly valves.

high performance butterfly valves
high performance butterfly valves

Main application scenarios

High performance butterfly valves are suitable for general service applications where precise throttling control is not required. They are often used where large size and high temperatures are required because of their lower cost compared to other types of control valves.

  • High-temperature fluid control: High-performance butterfly valves are ideal when fluid temperatures exceed the operating range of general butterfly valves.
  • High-pressure systems: In systems that need to withstand high operating pressures, high-performance butterfly valves can provide the necessary pressure resistance.
  • Large Diameter Pipes: For large diameter pipes, high performance butterfly valves can provide effective flow control while maintaining a compact design.


Advantages of high performance butterfly valves include:

  • Straight flow channel: Provides very high capacity, capable of handling solid and viscous media.
  • Small installation space: Compared with other types of valves, high-performance butterfly valves require less installation space.
  • Cost Effective: In large size and high temperature applications, high performance butterfly valves provide a cost effective solution.

High-performance butterfly valves are indispensable components in many industrial applications. They provide reliable performance in high temperature, high pressure and high flow environments. Selecting the appropriate high-performance butterfly valve can ensure efficient operation and long-term stability of the system.

VALTECCN is a butterfly valve supplier, providing high-performance butterfly valves, 12-month warranty, and professional after-sales service.

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