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What is flange type butterfly valve

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Flange type butterfly valve is one of the most frequently used valve types in industrial systems. It is small in size and light in weight, and can be made into a large diameter. Compared with other types of valves, it has more space for use and is more cost-effective.
The flanged butterfly valve only needs to rotate 90° to complete the opening and closing action. The operation is simple and the opening and closing is labor-saving. However, the flanged butterfly valve is not suitable for use in pipelines containing excessively large particles or high temperature.

Flange type butterfly valve features

Flange type butterfly valve has a light and simple structure. It is composed of a few parts and has good medium control characteristics. Butterfly valve has two forms of sealing, one is metal seal and elastic seal, so it can achieve better sealing effect in different system environments.

  • There are many driving methods for flanged butterfly valves, such as: manual, electric, or pneumatic, etc.;
  • The connection mode of the valve is flange connection and wafer connection;
  • The butterfly plate is an important part of the flanged butterfly valve. It can be sprayed with different coatings according to the user’s specified requirements, and can be coated with PTFE or nylon, etc.;
  • The sealing performance of the flange butterfly valve is very reliable, its sealing ring is replaceable, and the valve can realize the function of double sealing;
  • The outer circle of the butterfly plate of the flanged butterfly valve adopts a spherical structure, and the connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pin-free structure, which not only greatly improves the sealing performance of the valve, but also prolongs the service life of the butterfly valve. leakage;
  • The directional characteristics of the medium running in the flange butterfly valve tend to be straight, and it has good adjustment and control;
  • The structure is simple and compact, easy to open and close, just rotate to 90° to complete, and the speed is fast;
  • The installation position of the flange butterfly valve is arbitrary, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance and cleaning are also easier.

Flange type butterfly valve pictures

Flange type butterfly valve
Flange type butterfly valve

Flanged butterfly valve is a component that realizes regulating or controlling medium, and it is widely used. It is made of polytetrafluoroethylene and synthetic rubber, so the sealing performance is very reliable, and the sealing surface is not easy to be worn or corroded and rusted, thus greatly improving the function of regulating or cutting off the medium.

VALTECCN flange type butterfly valve suppliers and manfuctruers using advance technology, we are involved in providing superior quality flanged end butterfly valve. This flanged end butterfly valve is available in various grades, shapes, sizes and dimensions to meet the divergent requirements of the clients.

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