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What is Concentric Butterfly Valve?

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Butterfly valve controls the flow medium that uses a rotary disk. The disk valve has a disk in the passage. However, it is very thin; therefore, the resistance it gives is very less. Butterfly valves have various advantages like economic construction that consists of lesser components, making them very easy to maintain and operate. The relatively lightweight and wafer design body reduces installation costs, pipe support, setup time, and labor.

Concentric Butterfly Valve

One of the most common butterfly valve is a concentric butterfly valve or centric butterfly valve, , also known as resilient seated butterfly valves.

Structural characteristics of concentric butterfly valves are that stem axis, the center of the disc and the central body are in the same position, they are a cost effective solution and can be supplied as manual valves complete with hand lever, or can be fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators. The concentric center line butterfly valves have a simple structure, can be easy manufactured.

The rubber lined concentric butterfly valve that is the most common type in this category, Seats can include EPDM, NBR, Viton, Silicon, Teflon, Hypalon and Neoprene.

Classification by connection type

Based on the connection there are different types of concentric butterfly valves.

Wafer Type Concentric Butterfly Valve
Wafer Type Concentric Butterfly Valve
Lug Type Concentric Butterfly Valve
Lug Type Concentric Butterfly Valve
Flange Type Concentric Butterfly Valve

Concentric Butterfly Valve Advantages

One of the best things about concentric butterfly valves is that it uses a neutral seal structure.

The lower and upper end of the disc close to the valve stem are two very smooth flat surfaces situated close to the rubber seat ring. This prevents the medium from leaking.

While the valves are closed, the disc gradually compresses while rotating. This causes the seat ring to deform elastically.

Concentric Butterfly Valves Disadvantages

One of the major disadvantages of using a concentric butterfly valve is that it could only be made into a soft seal butterfly valve due to its structural characteristics.

These valves can be used only in normal and low-pressure conditions and are unsuitable for high pressure and high-temperature working conditions.

VALTECCN is a leading supplier and manufacturer of butterfly valves in China, offering a wide range of industrial butterfly valves that meet many national standards and are sold worldwide.

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