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What is a resilient seated butterfly valve?

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What is a resilient seated butterfly valve?

Resilient seated butterfly valves (also known as concentric butterfly valves) are the most basic form of the butterfly valve. The stem is centred in the middle of the valve disc, exerting a high degree of contact with the rubber seat to effect a seal. Resilient seated butterfly valves offer positive shut-off and are capable of handling higher pressures. Seats are generally attached to the body either as dovetail joint seats, cartridge seats or bonded seats.

resilient seated butterfly valve
resilient seated butterfly valve

A Resilient seated butterfly valve operates in a quarter turn style, meaning that rotating the closed disc 90° will fully open the valve, and vice versa. They can also be opened incrementally in order to throttle flow. This can be accomplished manually, but throttling flow is more precise when used in conjunction with an actuator. Actuators can be customized to allow incremental flow, by using positioners in the case of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, or by using modulating boards in the case of electric actuators.

Where are resilient seated butterfly valves used?

VALTECCN Resilient seated butterfly valve offers a light weight, lower cost, heavy duty, and maintenance free solution to high pressure applications. Common applications that use butterfly valves include:

  • utilities
  • pulp and paper
  • oil and gas production
  • fuel handling systems
  • marine
  • petrochemical processing
  • air conditioning
  • refrigeration

A resilient seated butterfly valve is designed as either lug-style or wafer-style. Resilient seated butterfly valves also offer many types of seat materials to accommodate many process applications, such as Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, and Teflon, as well as FDA approved materials. Rubber lined butterfly valves have lower pressure ratings than the concentric, high performance, and triple-offset butterfly valves which offer incrementally higher pressure ratings, which are required for an ANSI rating.

For more information about resilient seated butterfly valves and our complete selection of butterfly valves at VALTECCN valve Supplies, contact us today on email [email protected].

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