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What are the applications of triple eccentric butterfly valve?

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Butterfly valves were first used only for cutting and connecting aqueous media. The three eccentric designs have improved the function of butterfly valves and become one of the best performing valves in the harshest conditions of the main process environments of industrial pipeline equipment.

Triple eccentric butterfly valve features a high temperature and corrosion resistant alloy material welded to the sealing surface of the valve seat and a multi-layer soft seal fixed to the butterfly plate. This process makes the triple eccentric butterfly valve more resistant to high temperature and pressure and more resistant to corrosion than traditional butterfly valve products.

What are the three eccentricities of a triple eccentric butterfly valve?

The first eccentricity is that the valve shaft is located behind the valve plate axis so that the seal can completely and tightly encircle the entire valve seat.
The second eccentricity is that the centerline of the valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the pipe and valve to avoid valve opening and closing interference.
The third eccentricity is the seat taper axis off the valve shaft centerline, which eliminates friction during closing and opening and achieves a uniform compression seal around the entire valve seat.

What Are The Uses of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve?

A triple offset butterfly valve is better than double and single offset valves. This type of valve is used for many purposes. Here are some applications and uses of a triple offset butterfly valve.

Refining and Petrochemical Process
The triple offset butterfly valve has many advantages over conventional valves. It is designed to operate at high temperatures and pressures and has numerous effective sealing features. The offset design makes it easy to maintain and can last for years. This valve is also very efficient and has a long service life. The TOBV is designed using international standards, which makes it a great choice for any refining or petrochemical process. The valve has a small centerline and a stem that has an offset. This means that the metal components of the seat and disc never touch until the valve closes. It also offers superior pressure-tight performance at high temperatures and pressures. Its zero leakage closure on both ends and its soft seat design make it a safe choice for petrochemical refining systems.

Hydrocarbon Processing
The triple offset buttery valve is an important piece of equipment for regulating the flow of various liquids in hydrocarbon processing. These valves come in a wide range of sizes and are designed for high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-pressure environments. Unlike the typical butterfly valve, the triple offset version does not move sideways in order to allow the media to enter. Instead, the disc moves in a cone-like fashion, moving inward to contact the seat. This makes it perfect for hydrocarbon processing.

Hydrogen Industry
A triple offset buttery valve is a specialty valve designed for the hydrogen industry. It is not like a typical butterfly valve, which opens sideways to let the media in. It works more like a globe valve. When it contacts the media, the disc moves into a circle. The seat of the triple offset buttery valves does not drag, unlike a butterfly valve which makes it perfect for the hydrogen industry.

Oxygen Plants
In oxygen plants, a triple offset valve is used for removing the water from the air. The offset contact axis of the disc seat eliminates sliding contact between the disc and valve seat. The metal seats are machined for bubble-tight shut-off. As a result, these valves are more cost-effective and are used in a variety of applications.

Refrigerant Fluids System
The triple offset butterfly valve is an essential part of the refrigerant fluids system. This valve offers efficient sealing and minimal wear. Its offset design makes it easy to install and maintain. Designed for critical applications, this triple offset butterfly valve is also low-maintenance and long-lasting. In addition, it is easy to adjust the operating pressure.

Thermal Fluids System
A triple offset buttery valve is a pressure control valve used in a thermal fluids system. It uses a metal seat and is best suited for high-pressure systems. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this type of valve. This thermal valve is a common choice for industrial gas systems and is available in a variety of materials.

Hot Gases Industry
The triple offset butterfly valve has an excellent design and is widely used in the hot gas industry. Its triple offset configuration allows it to be configured for cryogenic applications. Its selection of materials depends on the service temperature and focuses on the toughness and corrosion resistance of pressure boundary materials. This makes them the best choice for the hot gases industry.

Vacuum Services and Piping Systems
A triple offset buttery valve is used in a wide variety of piping and vacuum applications. The butterfly valve has a unique design that does not pocket fluid, making it an ideal valve for high-pressure and high-temperature services. They are also available in hygienic and chemical-resistant varieties. This is an excellent feature for heavy-duty applications, particularly thermal cycling and vacuum services.

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