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Water Butterfly Valve Selection for Water Supply Pipeline

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Butterfly Valve Selection for Water Supply

Concentric butterfly valve and the eccentric butterfly valve are recommended here. Both have their own shortcomings. According to the actual situation of the project, the concentric butterfly valve has a good sealing effect and a relatively short life, which is convenient to determine the emergence of an eccentric butterfly valve.

Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve
Concentric: wafer butterfly valve
Worm Gear Operated PTFE Seat Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Concentric: double flange butterfly valve
PTFE Lined Ductile iron Lug Butterfly Valve with Hand Lever
Concentric: PTFE lined butterfly valve
Pinless Lug Butterfly Valve
Concentric: lug butterfly valve

About choosing soft seal or hard seal butterfly valve

The most used butterfly valve in the water supply industry is the soft-sealed butterfly valve. There are many problems with the soft-sealed butterfly valve. The specific comprehensive consideration is:

soft seal or hard seal butterfly valve
  • Under the condition of poor rubber quality of soft-seal butterfly valve, it is easy to age, deform under pressure for a long time, and squeeze and crack. Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer of soft-seal butterfly valve with reliable quality. VALTECCN valve adopts high-quality EPDM rubber and Nitrile rubber to improve the wear resistance and aging resistance of the sealing ring.
  • Metal-sealed butterfly valves generally adopt an eccentric structure due to their small elasticity, which is expensive, but the sealing surface is not easily damaged during operation, and the manufacturing requirements of the butterfly valve are relatively high. Choose an unreliable butterfly valve supplier. Once the metal-sealed butterfly valve leaks, it is difficult to Repair, VALTECCN valve provides 12 months product quality after-sales service

Water Butterfly Vavle Choose VALTECCN

VALTECCN offer high quality water butterfly valves for industrial and drinking water with special emphasis on protecting the drinking water by using rubber parts designed specifically to this application.

Water Butterfly Vavle for water supply

We can supply also butterfly valves for all kind of industrial water – contaminated or clear. The rubber compound approved for drinking water are of course neutral in taste, smell and colour and resistant to ozone and water treatment chemicals.

The seals of the butterfly valves for drinking water are special and composed with focus on minimising the formation of biofilm, and the rubber will therefore not provide breeding ground for bacteria and thus not contaminate the drinking water.

Water treatment is typically carried out in a water plant, in which the butterfly valves for drinking water are used. During the distribution of the drinking water the butterfly valves are important part of the water pipelines control.

Of course the butterfly valves for drinking water are often equipped with either electrical or pneumatic actuators to enable remote operation and control.

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