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Wafer Style Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

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Among many industrial valves, wafer style butterfly valves are known for their unique design and efficient fluid control capabilities. Named for its lamellar design, this valve consists of a disc fixed on a rotating axis that rotates to completely block the passage when the valve is closed.

The design of the wafer style butterfly valve is simple and efficient. Its core component is a rotatable disc that can be opened or closed by rotating 90 degrees. This design not only makes the valve easy to operate, but also provides good sealing performance when closed.

Wafer Style Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

Advantages of Wafer Style Butterfly Valve

The main advantages of the wafer style butterfly valve are its compact design and cost-effectiveness. Due to its lamellar construction, this butterfly valve is lighter and more cost-effective than other types of valves. Additionally, this design allows the valve to be sandwiched between two flanges when installed, allowing maintenance and replacement without affecting the rest of the pipeline.

Application fields

Wafer style butterfly valves are widely used in various industrial systems, including but not limited to: oil and gas, chemical processing, water and wastewater treatment and transportation, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding and shipyards, and HVAC and other fields. This type of valve effectively controls the flow of solid, liquid or gaseous materials and is an integral part of many industrial processes.

Application fields

Final words

Wafer style butterfly valve occupies an important position in the field of industrial fluid control with its unique design and versatility.

When selecting a wafer style butterfly valve, factors such as fluid type, pressure range, temperature range and flange standard should be considered. In addition, the selection of disc and seat materials should also be determined based on the application and fluid medium.

Whether in a new build project or as an upgrade to an existing system, this butterfly valve provides reliable performance and an economical solution.

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