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Structural composition of butterfly valve

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Butterfly valve is a kind of valve that uses a disc type opening and closing member to reciprocate about 90 degrees to open, close and adjust the fluid channel.

Structural features

The center of rotation of the disc is located on the centerline of the valve body and passes through the center of the sealing surface.

Butterfly valve structure diagram

Butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, butterfly plate, valve stem, sealing ring and transmission device.

Butterfly valve composition
  1. Butterfly valve body: The valve body is cylindrical, and the upper and lower parts each have a cylindrical channel for installing the valve stem. The butterfly valve and the pipeline are connected by a wafer, and its structural length is the smallest.
  2. Butterfly valve stem: The valve stem is the rotating shaft of the butterfly plate, and the shaft end adopts the packing box sealing structure, which can prevent the leakage of the medium. The upper end of the valve stem is directly connected with the transmission device to transmit torque.
  3. Butterfly valve disc: The butterfly plate is the opening and closing part of the butterfly valve.
  4. Worm gear head: The worm gear head is a device that provides the valve stem for control. The valve worm gear device can provide more precise control of the connecting rod, which can make the valve move to a certain extent to adjust the medium in the pipeline. The valve worm gear head is actually a valve driver. In general pipeline valves, this device is driven by a worm gear.

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