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Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat, PN10/16, 5K/10K, 150LB

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China stainless steel wafer butterfly valve with PTFE seat manufacturer, factory and supplier. Stainless steel wafer type butterfly valve is available in pressure rating of DIN PN 10/16, JIS 5K/10K, Class 150.The wafer style body has universal design to fit between pipe flanges of almost all popular flange standards.

Stainless steel wafer type butterfly valve is available in body and disc material of SS 304 (CF8), SS 316 (CF8M) or other stainless steel material. Our Stainless steel wafer type butterfly valve comes with wide range of Rubber Liner Options like Black Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Hypalon, Silicon etc and metal seated structure for sever working condition.

Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Image

Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat, PN10/16, 5K/10K, 150LB
PTFE Seat Wfer Butterfly Valve – Lefe: Iron Lever, Right: Stainless Steel Lever
Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Dawing
Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Dawing

Stainless steel wafer type butterfly valve feature

  • 100% bi-directional tight shut-off.
  • Installation without restriction in direction of flow.
  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions.
  • Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs.
  • High Kv / Cv values.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect for potable water systems etc.
  • Self cleaning ( no residue will be trapped ).
  • Good resistance to corrosion.

Why Choose VALTECCN valve

  1. All our workers own rich experience to ensure the export smoothly and make you feel sincere service before, during and after the purchase.
  2. Our factory can customize according to your requirements and report the production progress to you at any time.
  3. High output, you can get the earliest goods.
  4. The factory sells directly, removes the middleman and earns the difference, allowing you to get the best price.
  5. We have the specialized after-sales service to solve the quality problems in time.

For more information about Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat and our complete selection of butterfly valves at VALTECCN valve supplie and manufacturer, , contact us today on email [email protected].

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