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Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Causes of Seal Face Damage

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Resilient seat butterfly valve sealing surface damage caused by man-made damage and natural damage.
Man-made damage is caused by poor design, poor manufacturing, improper material selection, incorrect installation, bad use and poor maintenance.

The causes of leakage problems during the construction of resilient valve seat butterfly valves are.
1, transport and lifting improperly caused the overall damage of the valve thus causing internal leakage of the valve;
2, when the factory, after playing water pressure did not dry treatment and anti-corrosion treatment of the valve, resulting in sealing surface rust formation of internal leakage;
3, the construction site protection is not in place, the valve is not installed at both ends of the blind, rain, sand and other impurities into the valve seat, resulting in leakage;
4, installation, no grease injection to the valve seat, resulting in impurities into the back of the valve seat, or welding burns caused by internal leakage;
5, the valve is not installed in the full open position, causing damage to the ball, in welding, if the valve is not in the full open position, welding spatter will cause damage to the ball, when the ball with welding spatter in the switch will further cause damage to the valve seat, resulting in internal leakage;
6, welding slag and other construction leftovers caused by the sealing surface scratches;
7, factory or installation time limit inaccuracy caused by leakage, if the stem drive sleeve or other accessories and its assembly angle misalignment, the valve will leak.

Common resilient valve seat butterfly valve damage causes in fact mainly in not according to the working conditions of the selection of valves, the cut-off valve as a throttle valve use, resulting in the closure of the specific pressure is too large as well as close too fast or close is not strict, so that the sealing surface by erosion and wear. Media erosion, it is the result of media flow on the sealing surface wear, scouring, vapor corrosion.

To sum up: it is very important to choose valve products according to the use of environmental conditions and operating conditions.

VALTECCN Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
VALTECCN Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

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