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Purchasing, installation and inspection of marine butterfly valves

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Purchasing of Butterfly valve

Marine butterfly valves have many differences between the manufacturing processes and devices themselves that change the specifications and capabilities significantly. To properly prepare for making a selection, a buyer must learn the technology and the differences in each variety to choose their device properly.

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marine butterfly valves

Instructions for Installation of Butterfly valve

  • Verify that the nominal dimensions of the valve and pipe line matches.
  • Spread the flange enough to allow the valves with disc in closed position. This prevents the damage of disc and seat during installation.
  • It is recommended that the flange gaskets are not to be provided.
  • Insert the bolts through the two bottom pipe flange holes to rest valve on during installation.
  • Insert the remaining flange bolts after aligning the valve with flanges and tighten bolts partially.
  • Adjust open and close operation of the valve to be easy and smooth.
  • Open the valve completely and tighten the flange bolts evenly with adequate torque to prevent the leakage between flange and valve.

Inspection of Butterfly Valve

Before assembly carry out following checks:

  • Inspect body for any deformation, cracks, etc. Any deformation in the body results in improper positioning of the seat which leads to poor sealing of the valve.
  • Confirm disc is intact without bend and perfectly sealing with the seat.
  • Check the condition of the seat (flexibility) and renew if necessary.
  • Check for straightness of stem spindle.
  • Check the condition of packing gland and o-ring, renew if necessary. Damaged o-ring causes leakage through packing gland.

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