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PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Valves are essential parts of any piping system used to control the flow and pressure of contents, whether that is oil, gas, liquid or vapors. Below Introduced is the most common types of PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valves available in the market.

PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valve

The PTFE lined butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve used to stop, start, and regulate flow. The valve usually comes with a gearbox, where the handwheel is connected to the stem by gear and is easy and fast to open.

PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valve
VALTECCN PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valve

PTFE/Teflon/PFA Lined Butterfly Valve Features and Advantages

PTFE/Teflon/PFA lined butterfly valve are available in a 2” to 36” inch size range. The PTFE/Teflon/PFA lined Butterfly valves can sustain 180°C operating temperature and easily handle extremely corrosive media.

The PN 10 pressure rating of lined Butterfly Valve becomes ideal for high pressurized media like gases, High chemicals, and viscous materials and it can be increased to PN 16 but on request.

Pipeline medium are becoming much more complex in modern anti-corrosion pipeline. As such, valve requirements are getting complicated as well.

Among all the anti-corrosive valves especially the traditional ones with special material like inconel alloy valves, the PTFE/Teflon/PFA butterfly valves are the most popular and more advantageous. Here are some notable reasons:

  • Small in size and light in weight. In comparison with traditional ball valves and gate valves, butterfly valves save at least 70% of space and weight.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. It can be mounted wherever needed.
  • Simple and compact construction. Quick 90 degrees on-off operation.
  • Great energy saver, lesser torque operations compared to ball valve and gate valve.
  • Stable anti-corrosion performance because of bubble-tight sealing resulting to no leakage under the pressure testing.
  • Wide selection of material : DI / Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Super duplex / Alloy material. All are applicable to various mediums.
  • Long service life, up to 3 times the longevity of traditional valve.
  • Easy to replace the whole unit including valve component. No failure even with multiple on/off operations.

VALTECCN PTFE/Teflon/PFA lined butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers can be your solution partner for Lined Butterfly Valves.

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