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Pneumatic butterfly valve installation precautions

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Pneumatic butterfly valve is a commonly used flow control instrument, which has the advantages of novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, convenient operation, and rapid opening and closing.

How should users install the pneumatic butterfly valve after purchasing the product?
VALTECCN will introduce the installation points of pneumatic butterfly valve in detail, hoping to help users better application products.

Pneumatic butterfly valve installation precautions
  1. Before installation, check that all parts of the pneumatic butterfly valve are not missing, the model is correct, that there is no debris in the valve body, and that there is no blockage in the solenoid valve and the X sounder.
  2. Put the valve and cylinder in the closed state.
  3. Hit the cylinder against the valve (the installation direction can be parallel or perpendicular to the valve body), and then check whether the screw holes are aligned, there will not be much deviation, if there is a little deviation, just turn the cylinder body a little. , and then tighten the screws.
  4. After the installation is completed, debug the pneumatic butterfly valve (the air supply pressure is 0.4~0.6MPa under normal circumstances), and the solenoid valve must be manually opened and closed during commissioning and operation (the solenoid valve coil can only be operated manually after the solenoid valve coil is de-energized), Observe the opening and closing of the pneumatic butterfly valve. If it is found during the debugging operation that the valve is a little difficult at the beginning of the opening and closing process, and then normal, the cylinder stroke needs to be reduced (adjust the stroke adjustment screws at both ends of the cylinder a little at the same time, and the valve needs to be run to the open position during adjustment. , then turn off the air source and adjust it again) until the valve opens and closes smoothly and closes without leakage. It should also be noted that the adjustable X sounder can adjust the opening and closing speed of the valve, but it cannot be adjusted too small, otherwise the valve may not move.
  5. Defa should be kept dry before installation and cannot be stored in the open air
  6. Before installing the butterfly valve, check the pipeline to ensure that there is no foreign matter such as welding slag in the pipeline
  7. The manual opening and closing resistance of the butterfly valve body is moderate, and the torque of the butterfly valve matches the torque of the selected actuator.
  8. The flange specification for butterfly valve connection is correct, and the pipe wafer flange is in line with the butterfly valve flange standard. It is recommended to use butterfly valve flanges instead of flat welding flanges.
  9. Confirm that the flange welding is correct. After the butterfly valve is installed, do not weld the flange again to avoid scalding the rubber parts.
  10. The installed pipeline flange should be centered and centered with the butterfly valve placed in it.
  11. Install all flange bolts and tighten them by hand to confirm that the butterfly valve and the flange are aligned, and then carefully open and close the butterfly valve to ensure flexible opening and closing.
  12. Open the valve completely, and use a wrench to tighten the bolts in diagonal order without washer. Do not over-tighten the bolts to prevent serious deformation of the valve ring and excessive opening and closing torque.

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