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Nylon Coated Disc Butterfly Valve Pic, Price, Applicable

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Overview of Nylon Coated Disc Butterfly Valve

The pinless nylon coated butterfly valve absorbs the advanced production technology and processing technology of domestic and foreign butterfly valves. Comply with the corresponding national standards. It has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, small opening and closing torque, long life, convenient maintenance and wide adaptability.

The design feature of the nylon coated butterfly valve is that the connection between the disc and the valve stem adopts a pinless connection method, which avoids the problems of leakage at the re-pin and difficulty in loading and unloading, and it is very convenient to replace parts on site. At the same time, the valve plate is in a floating state, so the torque is small, the service life is long, and it is intact after tens of thousands of opening and closing tests.

Nylon Coated Disc Butterfly Valve
Nylon Coated Disc Butterfly Valve picture

Epoxy coating is used on the surface of the valve body, it has very good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has good resistance in salt solution, grease, alcohol, petroleum, weak acid and weak alkali and humid environment.

The key part of the seal is the rubber valve seat. We have chosen a reasonable structural form – groove type, and a reasonable compression ratio, so that the valve has no leakage within the specified pressure range. A complete seal is achieved with no visible leakage in the air pressure test.

Nylon Coated Butterfly Valve Features

  1. The nylon pinless butterfly plate is used, which has excellent wear reduction and self-lubrication, and the operating torque is 40% lower than that of ordinary pinned butterfly valves;
  2. The sealing surface has good wear resistance (the wear resistance of nylon is seven times that of copper), which can significantly extend the service life of the butterfly valve. Compared with the ordinary midline butterfly valve, the service life can be significantly extended by 3 times;
  3. Nylon material has no toxicity, and is antibacterial and antifungal, which meets the green environmental protection requirements that people pay more and more attention to;
  4. Nylon has excellent alkali resistance, salt resistance, weak acid resistance, inert to organic compounds, and has a wide range of applications;
  5. The advanced pinless connection ensures the complete isolation of the medium and the metal, improves the reliability of the product, and makes the maintenance of the butterfly valve simple;
  6. The connection size between the product and the pipeline flange conforms to the national standards of the existing butterfly valve products.

Nylon Coated Butterfly Valve Applicable Media

Fresh water, sea water, sewage, air, natural gas, oil, general chemical media, etc.

Nylon Coated Butterfly Valve Price

There are many factors affecting the price of nylon coated disc butterfly valve products, such as caliber size, brand and other factors.

VALTECCN(www.valteccn.com) butterfly valve supplers and manufacturers provide you with nylon coated disc butterfly valve related pictures and drawings, overall dimensions, specifications and models, latest prices, product catalogues and other information, welcome to email ([email protected]) to consult and purchase! Provide reference value for your purchase of nylon coated disc butterfly valve products.

Any issue about the nylon coated disc butterfly valve during the project process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a pleasure to help you resolve the problem.

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