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Manual butterfly valve why can be widely promoted and used

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Manual butterfly valve is a control part of the pipeline fluid conveying system, it is used to change the cross section of the pathway and the direction of media flow, with the function of inflow, cut-off, regulation, throttling, check, diversion or overflow pressure relief, etc., for fluid control valve, the nominal diameter of the valve from the very small instrument valve to the industrial pipeline valve with a diameter of up to 10m.

Manual butterfly valve can be under the role of pressure, temperature or other forms of sensing signal, according to the predetermined requirements of the action, or do not rely on the sensing signal and simple opening or closing, the valve relies on drive or automatic mechanism to make the opening and closing parts for lifting, sliding, swinging or rotary movement, so as to change the size of its flow channel area to achieve its control function.

Manual butterfly valve
Manual butterfly valve

Manual butterfly valve advantages

  1. manual butterfly valve design is reasonable, the structure of science, more convenient operation, closed and opened are very fast. And the weight is lighter, which can reduce the construction burden.
  2. the operation torque is small, the operation is able to save force, and the operation is also very flexible, greatly enhancing the efficiency of the work.
  3. the manual butterfly valve is relatively strong adaptability to the environment, it can use different materials to meet the requirements of different media on temperature and corrosion, so that no matter what environment the manual butterfly valve can play the biggest role.
  4. the use of manual butterfly valve performance is very stable, it will not be affected by the media flow, so no matter what industry what place to use can maintain a good state, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of use.

To sum up, the advantages of manual butterfly valve is still very prominent, because of this, it can be highly favored in the market, but the market is not all manual butterfly valve products have good quality, choose the butterfly valve, must first do a survey to understand, see what manufacturers of manual butterfly valve good quality, price concessions, must not only focus on the price is cheap, choose a bad quality, if the quality is not good If the quality is not good, then the chance of failure in the process of use is relatively large, and the service life is also shorter, so be sure to choose a high quality, after-sales reliable.

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