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Manual butterfly valve classification and butterfly valve structure diagram

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VALTECCN will analyze the most common manual butterfly valve structure diagrams. Speaking of manual butterfly valves, we must first understand that both handle butterfly valves and worm gear butterfly valves belong to manual butterfly valves.
According to the connection method: manual butterfly valve is divided into three methods: wafer, flange and welding.
Classification according to the sealing form: manual butterfly valves are divided into two types: soft sealing and hard sealing.
This article mainly introduces the structure diagram of the manual butterfly valve through the example of the handle butterfly valve and the worm gear butterfly valve.

handle butterfly valve

The handle butterfly valve is the simplest and easiest to operate among all butterfly valves. The main components of the handle butterfly valve are five parts: butterfly valve body, butterfly valve stem, butterfly plate, butterfly valve seat and butterfly valve handle. It is operated by manually pulling the handle. When the handle moves, keep the horizontal direction. When the handle is moved counterclockwise, the valve will open, and when the handle is moved clockwise, the valve will be closed. The switch position of the handle is kept parallel to the butterfly plate, and a valve shaft connects the two. When the handle is pulled, the handle drives the valve stem connected to the butterfly plate, and the valve stem drives the butterfly plate to rotate, and the rotation angle is between 0 and 90 degrees. The opening and closing speed of the handle butterfly valve is very fast, and it has good flow regulation characteristics. Due to the torque, the maximum diameter of the handle butterfly valve is 250mm.

handle butterfly valve

Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

The difference between the turbine butterfly valve and the handle butterfly valve is mainly in the transmission mode, and the operation method is also different. The structure of turbine butterfly valve is also very simple, and its main components are valve body, valve seat, valve stem, butterfly plate and turbine device. The turbine butterfly valve is also opened and closed by manual operation.
Different from the handle butterfly valve, the handle butterfly valve is to turn the handle, and the turbo butterfly valve is to turn the handwheel. The handwheel is installed on the side of the turbine head. When the handwheel is rotated, the handwheel drives the gear movement in the turbine head to realize the opening and closing of the valve. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise, and the butterfly plate is opened; along the rotation of the handwheel, the butterfly plate is closed.

The worm gear butterfly valve is more suitable for large-diameter valves because of the turbine device installed on the butterfly valve.

Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

The above is the manual butterfly valve structure and picture introduction of the two transmission modes.

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