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Large Diameter Butterfly Valve Common Several Failure Elimination Methods

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The butterfly valve is a fluid switch with a disc type opening and closing member turning back and forth about 90 degrees, usually in liquid, gas, and other fluid pipeline systems as a blocking open, flow adjustment valve and damping valve function, large diameter butterfly valve refers to the valve with a diameter greater than 100cm or more.

Large Diameter Butterfly Valve
Cause of failure: sealing surface leakage, butterfly valve's butterfly plate, sealing ring entrapped with impurities.

Elimination method: eliminate impurities, clean the valve cavity.

Cause of failure: Butterfly valve's butterfly plate, seal off the position of incorrect coincidence.

Elimination method: adjust the worm gear or electric actuator and other actuator limit screws to achieve the correct valve closing position.

Cause of failure: The export is equipped with flange bolts are stressed or not pressed.

Elimination method: check the mating flange plane and bolt compression force, should be evenly pressed.

Cause of failure: test pressure direction is not as required.

Eliminate method: according to the direction of the arrow for installation.

Cause of failure: Both sides of the sealing gasket failure.

Elimination method: replace the sealing gasket.

Cause of failure: Uneven compression force or uncompressed pipe flange.

Elimination method: press the flange bolts or re-tighten the bolts with uniform force.

Through the above common butterfly valve failure is not difficult to find, these are because of the large-diameter butterfly valve do not understand and caused, therefore, proper maintenance and understanding of the equipment, or can avoid failure so that the large-diameter butterfly valve to play its true role, to provide security for the working conditions!

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