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High Quality CF8 Butterfly Valve, NBR Seat

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In the field of industrial fluid control, it is crucial to choose high-quality butterfly valves. They are not only part of the pipeline system, but also a key component to ensure the smooth operation of the production process. CF8 butterfly valves are favored in various applications for their superior performance and reliability. This article will explore the characteristics of CF8 wafer butterfly valves and their competitive advantages in the market.

Difference between CF8 and CF8M materials

CF8 and CF8M are two common stainless steel materials, the main difference lies in the chemical composition and corrosion resistance.

  1. Different chemical composition. CF8 (304 stainless steel) is different from CF8M (316 stainless steel). 2-3% molybdenum is added to CF8, which enhances corrosion resistance, especially in chloride environments.
  2. The corrosion resistance is different. CF8 is suitable for general industrial environments and can resist most common corrosive media. CF8M, due to the presence of molybdenum, performs better in terms of resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion and is suitable for more harsh corrosive environments, such as marine environments and saline solutions.
High Quality CF8 Butterfly Valve, NBR Seat
High Quality CF8 Butterfly Valve, NBR Seat

Why choose CF8 valve body material

VALTECCN selects CF8 as the material for butterfly valves for customer projects, mainly based on the following considerations:

  • Economical: Compared with CF8M, CF8 has a lower production cost and can provide more competitive prices while meeting the needs of most working conditions.
  • Reliable performance: CF8 performs well in most industrial environments, and its corrosion resistance is sufficient to cope with common process media, suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.
  • Machinability: CF8 stainless steel has good casting and processing properties, which can produce high-quality valve bodies and ensure product consistency and reliability.

Selection of NBR valve seats

NBR is a common elastomer material with excellent oil resistance and wear resistance. The selection of NBR as the valve seat material is mainly based on the following points:

  • Oil resistance: NBR has good tolerance to mineral oils and fats and is suitable for media in the petrochemical industry.
  • Wear resistance: NBR has excellent wear resistance and can maintain the sealing and reliability of the valve for a long time.
  • Elasticity and sealing performance: The elasticity of NBR enables it to maintain good sealing performance under pressure fluctuations and prevent media leakage.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared with other high-performance rubber materials, NBR has a high cost-effectiveness and can reduce costs while ensuring performance.

VALTECCN’s CF8 butterfly valve is equipped with an NBR seat. With its excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness, it has become a reliable fluid control solution for various industries. Through the reasonable selection of CF8 and NBR, the company not only improves the market competitiveness of its products, but also provides customers with a stable and efficient use experience. Buyers from all over the world are welcome to contact VALTECCN Valve Company for more product details and technical support.

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