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Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Instructions and Installation Precautions

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Flanged Butterfly Valve Introduction

Flanged butterfly valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines. The structure of the flanged butterfly valve itself is relatively small. You only need to put the butterfly valve in the middle of the flanges at both ends of the pipeline, and use the stud bolts to pass through the pipeline. Butterfly valve special method The flange and the flanged butterfly valve can be locked to control the fluid medium in the pipeline.

Flanged Butterfly Valves
Flanged Butterfly Valves

Flanged butterfly valves are especially suitable for places where the space is narrow or the distance between pipes is short. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure generated by the valve is relatively small. Small, so it has better flow control characteristics.

Pre-installation Instructions for Flanged Butterfly Valve

The center of rotation of the butterfly plate of the flanged butterfly valve (that is, the center of the valve stem) is located on the centerline of the valve body and the section of the sealing surface of the butterfly plate.

The valve seat can be made of EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, wear-resistant rubber, PTFE valve seat and so on. When closing, the outer circular sealing surface of the butterfly plate squeezes the rubber valve seat, causing elastic deformation of the valve seat, thereby forming elastic force as the sealing specific pressure to ensure the sealing of the butterfly valve.

The sealing principle and structural characteristics of the flange butterfly valve are the same as those of the ordinary centerline butterfly valve.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Steps

1.Place the valve between the two pre-installed flanges, and pay attention to the neat alignment of the bolt holes.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 1

2.Gently insert four pairs of bolts and nuts into the flange holes, and tighten the nuts slightly to correct the flatness of the flange surface;

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 2

3.Fix the flange on the pipeline by spot welding;

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 3

4.Remove the valve;

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 4

5.Completely weld the flange on the pipeline;

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 5

6.Install the valve after the welding joint is cooled. Ensure that the valve has enough space in the flange to prevent the valve from being damaged, and ensure that the valve plate has a certain opening;

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 6

7.Correct the position of the valve and tighten the four pairs of bolts (be careful not to overtighten) and open the valve to ensure that the valve plate can be opened and closed freely and then slightly open the valve plate; tighten all the nuts with cross balance; reconfirm that the valve can Open and close freely.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Installation Step 7

Installation Precautions

  1. Before installing the flanged butterfly valve, check that all parts of the butterfly valve are not missing, the model is correct, check that there is no debris in the valve body, and that there is no blockage in the actuator.
  2. Put the valve and the actuator in the closed state.
  3. After installation, debug the actuator used.
  4. The butterfly valve should be kept dry before installation and should not be stored in the open air.
  5. Check the pipeline before installing the butterfly valve to ensure that there is no foreign matter such as welding slag in the pipeline.
  6. The manual opening and closing resistance of the butterfly valve body is moderate, and the torque of the butterfly valve matches the torque of the selected actuator.
  7. The specification of the flange used for the connection of the butterfly valve is correct, and the pipe clamping flange is consistent with the standard of the butterfly valve flange. It is recommended to use butterfly valve flanges instead of flat welding flanges.
  8. Confirm that the flange is welded correctly, and the flange must not be welded after the butterfly valve is installed, so as not to burn the rubber parts.
  9. The installed pipe flange should be centered and aligned with the put butterfly valve.
  10. Install all the flange bolts and tighten them by hand to confirm that the butterfly valve and the flange are aligned, and then carefully open and close the butterfly valve to ensure flexible opening and closing.
  11. Fully open the valve, and use a wrench to tighten the bolts in diagonal order without gaskets. Do not overtighten the bolts to prevent severe deformation of the valve ring and excessive opening and closing torque.

The above content is some knowledge views shared by VALTECCN butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers. If you need more detailed content, please contact VALTECCN and reply within 24 hours. Choose VALTECCN to buy flanged butterfly valves.

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