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Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

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Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve

Ductile iron butterfly valve refers to the butterfly valve whose body material is ductile iron. The choice of ductile iron material will have better tensile strength and longer service life than gray cast iron butterfly valve, and the cost of using ductile iron butterfly valve is smaller than gray cast iron butterfly valve in terms of long cycle, so ductile iron butterfly valve is a more popular butterfly valve product now.

Ductile iron butterfly valve can be used in drainage system, the tensile strength and yield strength of ductile iron can be matched with carbon steel, in the pipeline system of common water, salt water and steam, the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron is even better than carbon steel, and more importantly, the cost of ductile iron is lower than that of cast steel.

Available Ductile Iron Valves Types

Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve
Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve

Advantages of ductile iron butterfly valve

  • Can Transfer Mud with Negligible Fluid Deposit
  • Good Seal at Low Pressure
  • Require Less Structural Assistance
  • Lighter Than a Ball Valve
  • Reliable and Affordable
  • Very Precise

VALTECCN VALVE: professional OEM/ODM ductile iron butterfly valve, passed ISO9001 / CE certification / wras type approval certificate.

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