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Dry material particles are not suitable for butterfly valve reasons

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Butterfly valves are not recommended when handling dry material particles in pipelines. This article introduces 4 reasons:

Schematic Diagram of Butterfly Valve Piping Media
  • Butterfly valves are not designed to handle dry bulk granular solids. They are designed for gas and liquid applications. The abrasive nature of dry bulk particulate solids erodes away on butterfly valves to the point that they no longer seal properly and require replacement.
  • In pneumatic conveying and gravity applications, the butterfly valve design places the disc in the middle of the material flow. This creates a significant flow restriction, and many engineers design entire delivery systems with larger piping to accommodate this blockage in the valve.
Butterfly disk is in material flow stream
Butterfly disk is in material flow stream
Material packs between seal and wall
Material packs between seal and wall
  • The soft seal of the butterfly valve can cause another problem. When in the closed position, the soft seal allows the disc or vane to create an airtight seal. Due to the nature of dry solids, materials cannot be displaced like gases or liquids. Over time, the constant opening and closing can cause the seal to corrode and tear. Ultimately, this will prevent the butterfly valve from forming a tight seal.
Valve leaks due to the eroded sea
  • Seals on butterfly valves are also susceptible to impact wear from material flow. This is not a problem when dealing with gases and liquids. But with dry bulk solids, this can lead to additional wear points and eventual leakage of material and/or conveying pressure through the valve even when the valve is in the closed position. In powder handling applications, particles tend to migrate through the stem of a butterfly valve, causing the valve to stick.
Soft seal exposed to material

Selecting the correct valve will ensure proper overall operation. The conditions the valve will encounter determine which type of butterfly valve is required.

Taking a moment to consult with VALTECCN VALVE for suggested butterfly valves that can help improve valve performance can save a lot of money down the road.

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