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Double Half Shaft Butterfly Valve, 150LB – Low Cost Priced Fluid Control Solutions

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In industrial processes, precise control of fluid flow is crucial. As a flow control device, double half-shaft butterfly valve is widely used in various industries due to its high efficiency and low cost. This article will introduce the structural characteristics, advantages and value of double half-shaft butterfly valves in practical applications.

Double Half Shaft Butterfly Valve, 150LB

Double half-shaft butterfly valves, also known as square-shaft butterfly valves or short-shaft butterfly valves, contain two shafts in their design: an upper shaft and a lower shaft. The upper shaft is connected to the valve stem and plays a transmission role, while the lower shaft is round and is responsible for positioning the valve plate. This structure enables the dual half-shaft butterfly valve to provide stable flow control under different working conditions.

Advantages of double half-shaft butterfly valve

  • High-precision control: The double half-shaft butterfly valve can provide precise flow regulation and is suitable for processes that require strict control of fluid speed and pressure.
  • Durability: Due to its simple and sturdy structure, the double half-shaft butterfly valve has a long service life and good wear resistance.
  • Easy to maintain: There are no pins in the pinless butterfly valve design, which reduces the risk of leaks and makes maintenance and replacement easier.

Double half-shaft butterfly valves play an important role in chemical, water treatment, petroleum gas and other industries. They can ensure that the fluid is stably controlled under different conditions, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

Double half-shaft butterfly valve is a versatile, efficient, low-cost flow control device. They can not only meet various industrial needs, but also help enterprises achieve more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes.

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