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Do Butterfly Valves Need Gaskets?

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The flange connection of the butterfly valve is crucial, it is related to the issue of whether the pipeline is leaking, many people want to know whether the butterfly valve installation needs to add gaskets, when the installation, in fact, to be divided into situations to carry out.

Do you need to add gaskets for the installation of soft seal butterfly valves?

When installing a soft seal butterfly valve with or without gaskets, this needs to be divided into cases, for clamping soft seal butterfly valves, there are Cartridge Seated Butterfly Valve and dovetail seated butterfly valve two kinds.

Cartridge Seated Butterfly Valve and dovetail seated butterfly valve

1, wide side dovetail seated butterfly valve, can be installed without gaskets, equivalent to soft seal butterfly valve comes with gaskets, in this case, in the pipeline installation will not need to add gaskets, still can ensure the sealing.
2, Narrow side Cartridge Seated Butterfly Valve, in order to ensure no leakage, it is best to add a gasket to ensure sealing.

Butterfly valve also has hard seal, if it is metal hard seal valve seat, you need to add gasket when installing, the sealing surface of hard seal butterfly valve is metal, when connecting with flange, the sealing performance is not as tight as rubber, so you need to add gasket to ensure that the valve and flange do not leak directly.

VALTECCN specialises in the manufacture and supply of butterfly valves. If you have any questions regarding the use of butterfly valves or the purchase of butterfly valves, please feel free to contact us.

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