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DN800 Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear | Large-diameter Butterfly Valve Application and Pressure Test

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DN800 butterfly valve refers to a butterfly valve with a nominal diameter of 800 mm, which is a type of large-diameter butterfly valve. As a shut-off valve, the butterfly valve regulates the flow of fluid by rotating the valve disc. Because of its simple structure, small size, light weight and easy operation, it is widely used in industry.

VALTECCN Company is one of the well-known butterfly valve manufacturers in China, focusing on the R&D and production of high-quality valves. The DN800 butterfly valve produced by VALTECCN is known for its reliability and durability and is widely used in various industrial fields.

DN800 Wafer & Lug Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear
DN800 Wafer & Lug Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear

Reasons for Using Worm Gear to Operate Large Diameter Butterfly Valves

  1. Easy to operate: Worm gear transmission can greatly reduce the operating torque, making the opening and closing of large-diameter butterfly valves more labor-saving, especially suitable for manual operation. At the same time, the worm gear mechanism can achieve more precise opening adjustment.
  2. Stability and safety: The worm gear drive has a self-locking function, which can prevent the valve from automatically closing or opening due to factors such as medium pressure or vibration during operation, thereby improving the safety and stability of operation.
  3. Easy maintenance: The worm gear transmission mechanism is relatively simple, and maintenance and replacement of parts are relatively convenient, reducing maintenance costs and time.
  4. Strong adaptability: The worm gear butterfly valve can adapt to high pressure and large flow conditions, and can be installed with a variety of actuators such as manual, pneumatic, and electric to meet the needs of different working conditions.

Application Scenarios of Large Diameter Butterfly Valve

  • Water supply and sewage treatment: In urban water supply and sewage treatment systems, DN800 butterfly valves are used to control large flow pipelines. They can effectively regulate and cut off water flow and are easy to maintain and repair.
  • Power industry: Thermal and hydroelectric power plants require large-diameter butterfly valves to control the flow of cooling water and circulating water to ensure stable operation of the system.
  • Oil and gas: In oil and gas transmission pipelines, DN800 butterfly valves are used for flow regulation and cut-off of transmission pipelines, especially when large flow and low pressure drop are required.
  • Chemical industry: Chemical production involves a large amount of fluid transportation. The DN800 butterfly valve is used to control and regulate the flow of chemical media and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • Other industries: such as papermaking, food processing, steel metallurgy and other fields, DN800 butterfly valve is widely used in various large flow process piping systems.

VALTECCN Valve Company Pressure Test

VALTECCN Valve Company is committed to providing high-quality valve products. Each DN800 butterfly valve undergoes a strict pressure test before leaving the factory to ensure its performance and safety.


DN800 butterfly valve performs well under high flow and low pressure drop conditions and is widely used in water supply, sewage treatment, electricity, oil and gas, chemical industry and other industries.

The DN800 butterfly valve produced by VALTECCN Valve Company has been highly recognized by the market for its excellent quality and performance.

The worm gear operation method not only makes the operation of large-diameter butterfly valves more convenient and labor-saving, but also improves the safety and stability of the system.

Through strict pressure testing, VALTECCN ensures that each valve can perform at its best in various applications. With the development of industry, the demand for large-diameter butterfly valves will continue to grow, and its application in various fields will become more extensive.

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