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Flanged Butterfly Valve with Gear Operated Price, Manufacturers and Suppliers

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What is Flange Type Butterfly Valve

Flange type butterfly valve is one of the most frequently used valve types in industrial systems. It is small in size and light in weight, and can be made into a large diameter. Compared with other types of valves, it has more space for use and is more cost-effective.

Flanged butterfly valves may be made of stainless steel, cast iron or other materials, although metal is the most common. The diameter of flanged valves ranges from a few inches to a few feet because they are used for a variety of applications. Butterfly valves are able to completely shutoff a pipe quickly and easily while withstanding high volumes, pressures and temperatures.

Flanged Burrerfly Valve with Gear Operated Image

DN500(20 Inch) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Gear Operated
DN500(20 Inch) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Gear Operated

Working Principle Diagram of Flanged Butterfly Valve

Working principle diagram of flange butterfly valve

Applications of Flanged Butterfly Valves

  • Flanged butterfly valves are used in steam power plants.
  • They are used in mining, municipal water supply and wastewater treatment, fire protection, manufacturing of paper and pulp, refinery of petroleum products, HVAC systems.
  • Butterfly valves flange type is used in food and beverage processing plants because they are easy to clean.
  • Double flanged butterfly valves are also used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products since they can be cleaned to enhance high levels of hygiene.
  • Butterfly valve flange type is used in the manufacturing of different chemicals.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers

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