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DN250(10 Inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Wafer Butterfly valve is a quarter turn valve that used to isolates or regulates the flow. It consists a disc which allows or blocks the passage of fluids. The operation of butterfly valve is similar to ball valve, where the handle will be pivoted 90 degree to open or close the valve. Butterfly valves are widely installed on pipeline system due to it’s lower costs and lighter weight characteristics.

Butterfly valve seat is made of PTFE, PTFE is an abbreviation of the term polytetrafluoroethylene and is commonly known as Teflon. This thermoplastic fluoropolymer has low friction, chemical resistance, and fire-resistant qualities. Teflon is used to create some resilient seated butterfly valves.

PTFE is a cost-effective material in applications such as chemical processing or oil and gas. Because of its insulation quality, it is compatible with electrical applications. However, it should not be used in high-pressure conditions.

DN250(10 Inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Image

DN250(10 Inch) Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Image

Wafer Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat Manufacturers and Suppliers

Are you searching for butterfly Valve suppliers? So now you are in the right place on our website. We are stockists, exporters, and suppliers of wafer butterfly valves in China. We provide different varieties of Butterfly Valves and our Valve is available in WCB, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, and Stainless Steel Material.

VALTECCN is a very popular name in the field of valve supplying in the China. Butterfly Valve is one of the best valves, which may be useful for identifying or managing movement. In the power and energy-related industries we are one of the best Butterfly Valve suppliers plus creating supreme quality valves in the China.

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