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DN200(8 Inch) Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Type Price, Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Introduction

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Type mainly consists of body, stem, disc, seat bushings etc. The rotation of actuating device makes stem and disc revolved, which ensures on-off operations and flow control.The rotation of the actuating device ensures dependability and position disc control and position disc control andwater flow control. Rotate handle wheel clockwise, the valve is close.

DN200(8 Inch) Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Type Image

DN200(8 Inch) CF8 Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Type, Gear Operated, PTFE Seat, Double Half Shaft
DN200(8 Inch) CF8 Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Wafer Type, Gear Operated, PTFE Seat, Double Half Shaft

DN200(8 Inch) Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Features

  • WRAS Approved Product
  • Sizes: 2″~24″ (DN50~DN600 mm)
  • CF8 body, CF8M disc
  • Gearbox operator(Electric or pneumatic actuation available with a choice of options including solenoid and/or switchbox.)
  • To fit between PN6 / PN10 / PN16 / PN25, 150LB, JIS 5K / JIS10K, TABLE D / TABLE E flanges

Stainless Steel Body – Butterfly valve

A butterfly valve with a 304 stainless steel body will provide many years of service and will not corrode in some corrosive environments where a cast steel body would. Ideally suited to the Marine and Mining industry and some Chemical industries.

PTFE Seated – Butterfly valve

PTFE seated butterfly valves which encapsulate the 316 stainless steel disc, and rubber seat, fully encapsulate all parts to protect them from chemical corrosion and high temperature damage. All surfaces that would normally come into contact with the media, are protected by the PTFE teflon surface. PTFE linings are also replaceable.

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