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DI Body Wafer Type Butterfly Valve with Gearbox Manufactuers and Suppleirs

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DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve with Gearbox from VALTECCN is used to regulate or control fluid flow within a pipeline. The butterfly design is a flat disc mounted on a rod inside the valve that rotates with the turn of a handle to open/close the pipe to control fluid flow.

This wafer type butterfly valve with gearbox is manufactured with an epoxy coated ductile iron body for high strength and corrosion resistance. The gear drive handle makes operation easier. Suitable for irrigation, HVAC, and industrial applications.

DI Body Wafer Type Butterfly Valve with Gearbox Image

DN200(8 Inch) DI body Wafer Butterfly Valve with Gearbox, CF8 Disc
DN200(8 Inch) DI body Wafer Butterfly Valve with Gearbox, CF8 Disc


  • Wafer with Stainless Steel(CF8) Disc
  • Resilient Seat, seat is available in other materials.
  • Gearbox Handle for easy control
  • Body made of ductile iron
  • 8″(DN200 mm)

DI Body Wafer Type Butterfly Valve with Gearbox Manufacturers & Suppliers

With our immense domain expertise, we are able to manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of butterfly valves and Industrial Products. These products have huge demand in the market for their durability, anti-corrosiveness and low maintenance. In addition, VALTECCN valve products are used in various industries due to their excellent tensile strength. Further, these products can be customised as per the specifications detailed by the clients.

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