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DN150(6 inch) PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear

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PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve Overview

PTFE seated butterfly valve is designed for bubble tight service o corrosive applications. The PTFE seat and stainless steel disc/stem provide superior corrosion resistance, but with the economy of a cast iron body.

DN150(6 inch) PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve Photo

DN150(6 inch) PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear
PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear

PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve Features

  • Bi-directional valve with sealing capability to hold rated shut off pressure in either direction.
  • Circularly moulded back up elastomer provides uniform contact pressure over the entire seat without losing shaft bore shape, ensuring bubble tight closure every time.
  • Unique triple sealing system for shaft sealing, eliminates any fugitive emission or secondary leakage.
  • Self lubricated shaft bearings (PTFE coated stainless steel) for both drive end and non-drive end shaft ensures minimum bearing friction torque.
  • Live loaded disc shoulder sealing arrangement through pusher and disc springs in both top and bottom shaft bores, acting on PTFE liner ensures leak free mechanical stem seal.
  • Back up elastomer standardised in Viton to ensure excellent corrosion protection and maximum temperature resistance against media fumes and higher temperature.
  • Disc springs and fasteners standardised on corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure long service.
  • A choice of exotic metallurgy for the disc, to meet any type of aggressive media.
  • Choice of liner materials of virgin PTFE or filled PTFE, which also extends on to the flange contact faces.
  • Low operating torque enables selection of smaller size actuators.
  • Perfect adaptability for conversion from manual to actuated operation due to standardized top flange.

PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve for Sale

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