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DN150(6 Inch) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Lever Handle

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DN150 stainless steel flange handle butterfly valve is a valve used to control fluid flow, it consists of a stainless steel butterfly disc and a handle, the valve can be opened or closed by rotating the handle.

DN150(6 Inch) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Lever Handle
DN150(6 Inch) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve with Lever Handle

DN150 stainless steel flange handle butterfly valve has the following characteristics:

  • DN150(6 inch) means that the nominal diameter of the valve is 150 mm, which is suitable for small and medium-sized pipelines
  • Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for various media, such as water, oil, gas, etc.
  • Flange connection can be easily connected with pipelines or equipment to improve sealing performance
  • The handle is simple and convenient to operate, and can quickly adjust the flow rate or cut off the fluid
  • The butterfly valve is compact in structure, light in weight, takes up little space and is easy to maintain

The price of the handle flange butterfly valve will vary according to different specifications, models, materials, brands and other factors. If you want to buy DN150 Stainless Steel Flange Handle Butterfly Valve, you can contact VALTECCN Butterfly Valve Supplier and Manufacturer.

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