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DN125(5 Inch) PTFE Seated WCB Butterfly Valve

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PTFE is one of the Butterfly Valve Seat Materials. PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve Are Available in Pure or Reinforced PTFE to Meet Specific Requirements for Different Working Environments. PTFE Seats Excellent Chemical Resistance, High-Temperature Resistance, Self-lubrication, and Low Friction Properties of PTFE Make It a General Material for Valve Seats.

DN125(5 Inch) PTFE Seated WCB Butterfly Valve Image

DN125(5 Inch) PTFE Seated WCB Butterfly Valve

PTFE Butterfly Valve Types:

Wafer, Lug, Flanged Type, Single Offset, Double Offset,Triple Offset


  • Acids, Ultra Pure Water
  • Highly Corrosive, Toxic Media 
  • Corrosive Mediums, Acids, Bases 

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