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DN125(5 Inch) Double Half Shaft Wafer Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Double half shaft wafer butterfly valve plate thickness is smaller, and the elimination of a section of the stem, so that the volume of the whole valve, weight reduction, not only save material, but also can be equipped with smaller specifications of the operation of the actuator, the structure is especially suitable for large diameter butterfly valve;Also greatly reduce the processing, assembly difficulty, valve cost reduction.

DN125(5 Inch) Double Half Shaft Wafer Butterfly Valve Image

DN125(5 Inch) Double Half Shaft Wafer Butterfly Valve

Double shafts Wafer butterfly valves without pin have many advantages:

  1. Small in size and light in weight, easy to install. It can be mounted wherever needed, suitable for various actuators.
  2. Simple, compact structure, quick 90 degree on-off operation.
  3. Disc has two-way bearing perfect seal, without leakage under the pressure test.
  4. Flow curve tending to straight-line. Excellent regulation performance.
  5. Various kinds of materials, applicable to different medium.
  6. Strong wash and brush resistance and can fit to bad working condition.
  7. Center plate structure, small torque of open and close.
  8. Long service life. Standing the test of 10000 times opening and closing operation.

VALTECCN produce high-quality Double Half Shaft Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (without pin) at low prices, creating diverse new series to meet market and customer needs. The core factor of our development philosophy is to strive to meet the needs of stakeholders, constantly create value and improve efficiency and efficiency. We supply in stock all year round and provide products to the satisfaction of users in a timely manner, with quality and quantity as required by the contract.

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