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DN100(4 Inch) Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear

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Double flange butterfly valve, has flanges welded to its body – one at the upstream end of the valve and the other at the downstream end of the valve. This type of butterfly valve, used to regulation and flow sectioning in water supply facilities, plumbing, irrigation, etc, is the most resilient seated valve design which is usually used for dead-end service, It has low head loss due to a hydrodynamic design of the disc, it is 100% water tight and need no gaskets to be installed.

Double flanged butterfly valve is easier to mount and center, and is also mechanically stronger in construction than lug or wafer design, making it suitable for heavy-duty, large flow-handling scenarios.

Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear Photo

DN100(4 Inch) Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear
DN100(4 Inch) Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear, PN16
Size2″~120″ (DN50~DN3000 mm)
OperatedWorm gear
Cnnection endFlange type
Conection standardPN6 / PN10 / PN16 / PN25, 150LB, JIS 5K / JIS10K, TABLE D / TABLE E
Working pressurePN16
Body materialDuctile iron, WCB, SS 304/ SS 316
Seat materialEPDM, NBR, PTFE

Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear Features

  1. Long service life with reliable seal and without frequent maintenance.
  2. Pressure Loss
    Too much pressure loss will bring increased cost of correlative energy. Butterfly valve have flow characteristics three times better than globe valve, and about 75% of a same size gate valve.
  3. Multi-Function
    Flange butterfly valve can be used for on/off service and throttling. They are superior in Multi-function as compared to gate valves. Butterfly valve can be widely used in chemical field due to trim options and choice of elastomeric liner.
  4. Weight
    Flange butterfly valve have feature of light in weight and small in size, for example, weight and size of a 10” butterfly valve are 1/9 and 1/6 of a 10” gate valve. So, butterfly valve is easy to be installed and saves cost of piping system.
  5. Bubble Tight
    Butterfly valve with resilient seat design can be bubble tight as compared to metal seated gate or globe valves.
  6. Easy of operation
    Butterfly valve offer 90-degree open to close.
  7. Maintenance
    Properly installed flange butterfly valves are self-cleaning and are less susceptible to failure due to trash material in pipe.

VALTECCN VALVE, a high quality double flange butterfly valve manufacturer in China, has just what you need. We offer double flange butterfly valves along with other industrial butterfly valves in various material body, disc, seat, and end-type connection designs. For more information, you can explore our website or reach out to us.

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