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DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve EPDM Seat Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

VALTECCN wafer type butterfly valve with WRAS Approval are used for isolating and regulating flow. The closing mechanism is a disc that allows for quick shut off, much like a ball valve. Butterfly valves are light in weight so they require less support. Unlike the ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, therefore a pressure drop is always induced during flow, regardless of valve position. The disc is typically rotated a quarter turn when the valve is fully opened, but the valve may also be opened incrementally in order to throttle flow.

Wafer type ball valves fit between two flanges, with studs passing from one flange through other. The valve is held in place and sealed with gasket by the tension of suds. These are considered low cost butterfly valves.

DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve EPDM Seat Image

DN100(4 Inch) DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve EPDM Seat
DN100(4 Inch) Ductile Iron Body Wafer Butterfly Valve EPDM Seat

EPDM seat wafer butterfly valves are suitable to be used for industrial pipeline as opening-closing and regulating devices.

Applicable medium: fresh water, sewage, sea water, weak acid and alkali, air, steam, etc.
Application field: municipal construction, water treatment, power, water supply and drainage, water conservancy projects.

VALTECCN are committed to improving valve product quality, developing and updating products in order to continuously provide customers with quality Di Body EPDM Seat Rubber Seal Wafer Butterfly Valve with WRAS Approval and comprehensive services.

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