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DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve, Aluminium Handle Manufacturers and Suppliers

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VALTECCN DI body wafer butterfly valve aluminum handle mainly consists of body, stem, disc, seat bushings, etc. The rotation of actuating device makes the stem and disc revolve, which ensures on-off operations and flow control. The rotation of the actuating device ensures dependability and position disc control and position disc control and water flow control. Rotate the handle wheel clockwise, the valve is closed.

DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve, Aluminium handle Image

DN100(4 Inch) DI Wafer Butterfly Valve, Aluminium handle, Resilient Seated, CF8 Disc
DN100(4 Inch) DI Wafer Butterfly Valve, Aluminium handle, Resilient Seated, CF8 Disc

Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve

The valve body is made of ductile iron, versatility, and higher performance at lower cost. As illustrated, other members of the ferrous casting family may have individual properties which might make them the material of choice in some applications, but none have the versatility of Ductile Iron, which often provides the designer with the best combination of overall properties.

Ductile Iron

Aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve

Aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve is a butterfly valve with aluminum material handle,which has low torque,long life cycle.Except the handle material, aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve have the same features as other handle wafer butterfly valve. Manufactured using the best quality of material, these valves has high sturdiness, long life, high performance and resistance to corrosion.

DI Body Wafer Butterfly Valve, Aluminium handle Manufacturers and Suppliers

VALTECCN(www.valteccn.com) butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers provide you with DN100(4 Inch) DI Wafer Butterfly Valve related pictures and drawings, overall dimensions, specifications and models, latest prices, product catalogues and other information, welcome to email ([email protected]) to consult and purchase! Provide reference value for your purchase of DN100(4 Inch) DI Wafer Butterfly Valve products.

We face the global valve service. Its product classification is complete, the commonly used product size is sufficient, and you can buy it with confidence!

Any issue about the XX valve during the project process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a pleasure to help you resolve the problem.

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