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China Duplex Butterfly Valve Introduction

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Duplex Butterfly Valves

Duplex butterfly valves have good corrosion resistance and high strength performance because of their material character. So-called “duplex stainless steel” is the ferrite and the austenite probably respectively occupies in its melting organization one half. Even a small amount not less than 30% as well. Because the duplex stainless steel has the ferrite and the austenite elements, therefore it has merits that high intensity and bears the chloride stress corrosion performance which the ferritic stainless steel has, and fine tough and welding performance which the austenite stainless steel has.

Duplex butterfly valve’s anti-chloride pitch corrosion, the slit corrosion and the stress corrosion performance are extremely superior, and the mechanical strength is high, bears weary and the attrition corrosion property is good, these merits which stainless steel all are unable to compare.

China Duplex Butterfly Valve
Design standardsAPI, ASME, EN, ISO, JIS, DIN, BS, GB
ConnectionFlange, Wafer, Lug
Pressure rangeCIass 150Lb~300Lb, 1.0MPa~4.0MPa, JIS10K~20K
Size rangeNPS 2″~60″, DN50~DN1500
OperatedHand lever, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, etc.

Duplex Butterfly Valves Application

Duplex butterfly valves mainly apply in the neutral chloride medium. The valves widely apply in the oil refining industry, the petrochemical industry and the chemical industry, the petroleum and the gas industry, the paper pulp and the paper industry, the chemical fertilizer industry (urea industry, phosphate fertilizer industry), professions and so on food and drugs manufacture industry. It substitutes the austenite stainless steel valve, the application is day by day widespread.

Duplex Butterfly Valves Features

  • With a narrow profile, duplex butterfly valves can move without separating pipe system parts.
  • Duplex butterfly valves are able to throttle flow and numerous actuation methods are available.
  • Numerous actuation methods are available by duplex butterfly valves.
  • In large diameters, duplex butterfly valves have full stainless-steel bodies which are lightweight and corrosion-resistance.

China VALTECCN valve provides the best quality duplex butterfly valve products, including: wafer butterfly valve, lug butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, PTFE lined butterfly valve and other valve products are welcome to inquire and buy.

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