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Carbon Steel (WCB) Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Wafer Type Center Disc Rubber lined Zero Leakage Butterfly Valve have been developed with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. High Performance Slim-Seal, Concentric design Butterfly Valves are reliable, maintenance free shutoff with permanently gas-tight seal with an integrally molded elastomer body liner.

The body material of this wafer type butterfly valve is WCB, WCB refers to the WCB grade in ASTM A216, which is a carbon steel casting (W-weldable: the first letter of the welding, indicating that the material has good welding properties; C-cast steel: the first letter of cast steel; B—the mechanical properties of the steel is grade B) are combined: the weldable cast steel with mechanical properties of grade B. It is ordinary carbon steel, equivalent to 25 or 35 carbon steel.

Carbon Steel (WCB) Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Image

DN80(3 inch) Carbon Steel (WCB) Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
DN80(3 inch) Carbon Steel (WCB) Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Wafer Type Center Disc Butterfly Valve Features

  • Concentric, Slim-Seal Design
  • Greater Sealing Capacity
  • Soft Seat Design
  • Lower Torque with any fluid
  • Permanently tight closure
  • Bi-Directional Valve
  • Optimum operation under Vacuum Condition
  • Suitable for On-off as well as Throttling Service
  • Materials for almost all media
  • Short Face to Face Dimension
  • Wafer Design Body
  • Long Service Life
  • Smooth, Easy Operation
  • Maintenance Free Version
  • Less Weight, Easy to Install
  • Leakage Class VI (Zero Leakage)

VALTECCN(www.valteccn.com) butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers provide you with DN80(3 inch) carbon steel (WCB) butterfly valve related image and drawing, latest prices, product catalogues and other information, welcome to email ([email protected]) to consult and purchase! Provide reference value for your purchase of butterfly valve products.

Any issue about the DN80(3 inch) carbon steel (WCB) butterfly valve during the project process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a pleasure to help you resolve the problem.

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