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Can hot water pipes be fitted with butterfly valves?

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Whether hot water pipes can use butterfly valves or not we need to analyse the specific problems, the principle of choosing valves depends on what role the valves play in hot water pipes.

Can hot water pipes be fitted with butterfly valves
What is a good valve for hot water?

If it is used to cut off the flow of media, you can use butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, etc.; if it is used to check, you can use butterfly check valves, if it is used to regulate the flow, you can use globe valves, ball valves.

What kind of pipelines are butterfly valves suitable for?

Butterfly valves are suitable for fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, pharmaceuticals, oil and various acids and alkalis and other pipelines that require complete sealing, zero leakage in the gas test, high life expectancy and working temperatures from -10 degrees to 150 degrees.

Can butterfly valves be used in hot water pipelines?

Butterfly valve can be used in hot water pipeline, in fact, the key lies in the butterfly valve valve body and hot water direct contact with the valve seat sealing surface material. The hot water we usually talk about is generally water above 70°C. In this temperature case, it is recommended to use a hard-sealed butterfly valve.

Can soft seal butterfly valves be used in hot water pipelines?

If you search for the answer online, you should see that many people do not recommend using soft seal butterfly valves for hot water, because the seat material of soft seal butterfly valves is mostly rubber, PTFE, etc. Long-term contact with high temperature (hot water) will accelerate aging, shorten the service life of the valve, affect the sealing performance of the valve and cause internal leakage.
This statement is not a problem, the theoretical temperature range of rubber material in -20 ~ 150 ℃, but because of the various manufacturers to produce rubber quality levels, so in actual use, this temperature range will be significantly shrunk, in the hot water environment, of course, will accelerate the aging.
But soft seal butterfly valve is not completely can not be used for hot water pipeline, can use high temperature resistant rubber material, the effect will be much better, service life is also longer, but the cost is also higher.

Butterfly valves are light and compact, saving material compared to other valves, simple structure, quick opening and closing, cutting and throttling can be used, low fluid resistance, labor-saving operation. Butterfly valves can be made to a large diameter. At present, butterfly valves are widely used in hot water pipelines.

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