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Buy pin butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves

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When purchasing butterfly valves, buyers often hear the names of pin and pinless butterfly valves. What is the difference between pin and pinless butterfly valves? Which one should be better in the project? VALTECCN valves are introduced to buyers through factors such as appearance, price, and airtightness.

From the appearance point of view of the pin butterfly valve and the pinless butterfly valve, the most essential difference is whether there is a tapered pin positioning on the valve plate. The connection method that uses a pin to penetrate the valve plate and the valve stem is a pin butterfly valve, and vice versa is a pinless butterfly valve. For pin butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specific situation is as follows:

Appearance: The pin butterfly valve has obvious pin head protrusions, which is not as smooth and beautiful as a pinless butterfly valve, but in fact it does not have a huge impact on the overall appearance.

butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves

Price: Because of technological reasons, pinless butterfly valves are usually more expensive than pinned butterfly valves.

Process: The structural processing technology of the pin butterfly valve will be relatively simple, but if it needs to be repaired after long-term use, it will be more troublesome to disassemble the shaft and valve plate. Because the pin usually hit is that the pile pin is hard pressed up with a press, it is not easy to take out the valve stem. The pinless butterfly valve is relatively complicated in structure and technology because of the different ways of transmitting torque, but the later maintenance and disassembly are more convenient and convenient for repair.

Sealing: The pin butterfly valve may see the medium from the pinned place to between the valve plate and the valve stem.
The hidden danger brought by this is that the pin will be corroded and broken after a long time, causing the valve to fail to work, or the ejector rod leakage or the internal leakage of the pipeline.

It can be seen from the process and sealing that it is very important to choose a high-quality butterfly valve manufacturer. VALTECCN has many years of experience in manufacturing butterfly valves. It exports to 60+ countries and regions. It strictly controls the quality. It is necessary to purchase sales and non-sale butterfly valves. Welcome to consult us at any time: [email protected].

After-sales aspect: Pinless ones are easier to replace, because the pin usually hit is that the pile pin is hard pressed up with a press, it is not easy to take out the valve stem.
If you encounter an unreliable valve manufacturer, and the valve you purchased has a problem but does not receive after-sales service, VALTECCN butterfly valve manufacturer promises 12 months of quality protection.

Compared with pin butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves, objectively speaking, each design has its own characteristics and advantages, and one cannot simply say which one is better.As long as we choose the product that is most suitable for our cost budget and most suitable for our working conditions, it is a good product that suits us. 

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