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Butterfly valve suppliers introduce the precautions for using flanged butterfly valves

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Flanged butterfly valves have lightweight quality and excellent performance, and are widely used in industrial fields and urban construction systems. In order to prolong the service life of flanged butterfly valves and obtain a good use experience, even the method of good quality and low price. Lan butterfly valve, the use of flange butterfly valve also needs to understand some precautions.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Suppliers and Manufacturers
Flanged butterfly valve

Pay attention to regular cleaning of flanged butterfly valves

During use, the cleanliness of the flanged butterfly valve should be maintained by regular cleaning, the threads must be lubricated regularly, and the failure must be stopped immediately after a fault is found, and special personnel should be arranged to find out the cause and clear the fault. In addition, the exterior of the valve should be treated with anti-rust maintenance at least once every other year according to the specific conditions of the installation environment.

Pay attention to the parameters of the flanged butterfly valve

No matter what kind of butterfly valve product is, it will be marked with corresponding product parameters, and flanged butterfly valve is no exception. Whether the material of the seal is corrosion-resistant, so as to judge whether the flange butterfly valve is suitable for the current working environment.

Pay attention to the use of different types of flanged butterfly valves

There are different types of flanged butterfly valves with good quality and low price, which should be analyzed according to the specific problems of their types. For example, when pneumatic butterfly valves are used, they can only be fully opened or fully closed, and cannot be used to adjust the flow, so as to avoid the sealing surface Erosion, accelerated wear. In addition, during installation, the valve can be directly installed at any position on the pipeline according to the connection method, but it needs to be easy to operate and repair.

Pay attention to long-term storage of flanged butterfly valves

If the flanged butterfly valve does not work for a long time, a complete opening and closing operation should be carried out half a year to check whether the valve operates normally; if the flanged butterfly valve is stored for a long time and has not been put into use, it should be inspected regularly to keep the leakage surface. Clean, when stored, both ends of the flanged butterfly valve are blocked and open, and should be neatly placed in a ventilated and dry room.

Flanged butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers remind everyone that precautions are required when using flanged butterfly valves. Only by carefully studying the parameters of the flanged butterfly valve before use and memorizing the use requirements can the installation operation be carried out safely. After installation, it should be cleaned regularly, and flanged butterfly valves that have been stored for a long time should also be checked to avoid rusting due to long-term storage.

If you have any questions about the purchase and selection of flanged butterfly valves, price issues, maintenance and after-sales issues, feel free to contact VALTECCN and provide you with solutions 24 hours a day

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