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Butterfly Valve Stem Leakage Causes Analysis and Solutions

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Butterfly valve is one of the valves commonly used in industrial production, and has a wide range of applications in many fields such as industry and electricity. The problem of valve leakage is a serious threat to production safety. One of the valve stem leakage, which is a common problem, the article discusses the preventive measures for butterfly valve leakage by analyzing the causes of butterfly valve stem leakage.

Butterfly Valve Stem Leakage
Improper installation of O-ring or bottom bushing

Solution: This can be solved by replacing the O-ring or bushings.

Storage and inspection problems

The valve is stored in the open warehouse for a long time, and the packing on its stem is aging by sun and rain, and the packing becomes dry and hard. Some installers do not make careful and thorough inspection and maintenance before installation, so that the valve is installed in the pipeline, a water, the valve stem leakage occurs.
Solution: Regularly check and maintain daily protection, and deal with aging in time.

Improper handling and lifting operations

Large and medium-sized valves in handling lifting, the wrong use of the hand wheel on the stem as a lifting point, resulting in lateral bending and deformation of the stem, resulting in leakage. Especially the valves above DN300 are more bulky, handling in the collision can also make the stem deformation, resulting in stem leakage.
Solution: In the handling of the valve, loading and unloading, installation and storage everywhere to comply with the relevant regulations to avoid man-made damage.

Improper installation environment

Common low-pressure valves are sometimes installed in corrosive places, resulting in long-term immersion of the valve, the stem sealing surface leaching, accelerating corrosion, resulting in leakage.
Solution: For corrosive environments, choose suitable materials that can resist corrosion. If you are not sure what material to choose, you can consult VALTECCN VALVE, a professional technical team to help you solve the butterfly valve selection.

Thank you for reading our article, we hope it can help you better understand the causes of valve seal failure and leakage. If there are other questions or butterfly valve product purchase needs, you can provide photos of the butterfly valve leakage site, we will find a solution according to your actual situation, only in the early stage of good butterfly valve selection, correct installation and operation, and good daily maintenance work to avoid butterfly valve leakage.

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