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Butterfly valve selection needs to consider those factors

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What factors should users consider when choosing to use butterfly valves as fluid controls? The following VALTECCN butterfly valve suppliers will explain the main factors to you for your reference:

Consideration factor one: the service life of the butterfly valve.

Butterfly valves can be used more than 10,000 times and can still be guaranteed to be “airtight” when closed.

Butterfly valve selection needs to consider those factors

Consider the second factor: pressure drop.

If the pressure drop is too large, it will increase energy consumption. Valves are not the only factor that causes pressure drop in piping systems, there are other factors that cause pressure drop: the fluid cross section of the pipe; the friction on the inner wall of the pipe.

Change of flow direction as it passes through the part. The fluid characteristics of the butterfly valve are three times or even higher than that of the globe valve, which is equivalent to 75% of the gate valve of the same size.

Consideration factor three: valve versatility.

Butterfly valves control and regulate piping systems by opening/closing and throttling/balancing. Butterfly valves have better “universality” than gate valves or globe valves. Because the butterfly valve can adopt various surface treatment technologies and select elastic material pipes, the butterfly valve has strong chemical corrosion resistance.

Consideration four: the weight of the valve.

The installation cost of light-duty butterfly valves is much less than that of heavy-duty cast iron valves:
For example, a 10-inch nominal diameter butterfly valve weighs 55 pounds, while a 10-inch cast iron gate valve weighs as much as 490 pounds. For the entire pipeline system, the installation cost saved by the butterfly valve is very considerable. In addition, the heavier the piping system, the stronger the piping support base is required, thus making the entire piping system more expensive. Therefore, considering the weight of the valve, the cost of the entire piping system can be saved

Consideration factor five: the size of the valve.

The space occupied by a butterfly valve is about 1/6 of that of a gate valve of the same size. And every additional cubic foot of building space means wasted costs. For example: a butterfly valve with a nominal diameter of 10 inches is approximately 21 inches high, while a gate valve with a nominal diameter of 10 inches is as high as 43 inches.

Consideration factor six: easy to operate.

The butterfly valve only needs to rotate 1/4 turn (90 degrees) from opening to closing. Gate and globe valves, on the other hand, require many turns to turn the valve from an open state to a closed state. The ease of opening or closing means there is no need to hire an overpaid operator to operate the butterfly valve.

Consideration seven: cost.

The cost of a butterfly valve is usually only 40% of the cast iron gate valve, not only the purchase cost is low, but also the installation cost is relatively low.

VALTECN butterfly valve supplier

The last and most important factor: choose the right butterfly valve manufacturer – VALTECCN butterfly valve supplier, with many years of experience in production and sales of butterfly valves, and a perfect after-sales service team to solve any butterfly valve problems.

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