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Butterfly valve price and gate valve price comparison, which equipment should I choose?

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Butterfly valve and gate valve are the focus of many people at present. They basically have the same function. There are many product types of the two to choose from. So, which of the two is cheaper and how to choose a suitable valve product, from What aspects of observation, today I will share with you!

Butterfly valve price and gate valve price comparison, which equipment should I choose?

Which is cheaper, butterfly valve price or gate valve price?

Generally speaking, under different rules, many of the same materials and calibers determine the factors of price, and the material with less price is quite cheaper. This can be summarized as the analysis of price determination from appearance.

Which valve product is more cost-effective?

Butterfly valve can not only cut off, but also have the function of regulating flow. The scope of application is wider than that of gate valves. The butterfly valve opens and closes quickly, and can be opened and closed frequently, so in the working environment where the opening and closing speed is required or the opening and closing are more frequent, the butterfly valve is the first choice.

Under the conditions of the same diameter, the butterfly valve should be smaller in shape and lighter in weight. Under the conditions of limited installation space, choosing a wafer butterfly valve will save more space. Butterfly valves of the same diameter are also cheaper than gate valves.

Butterfly valves are more suitable for large diameters, and butterfly valves are also suitable for conveying medium pipelines containing small particles and other impurities. However, the butterfly valve also has shortcomings. Its pressure and working temperature range are not as good as that of the gate valve, and the sealing performance is not as good as that of the gate valve. The price of butterfly valves of the same diameter is much lower than that of gate valves.

The actual selection should be selected according to different needs, environments, etc. For details, you can consult our professional technical team, which has many years of experience in producing and selling valves.

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